Zhiming Law Office £¨Zhiming£© is a trademark agency service firm registered in the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the PRC. Zhiming is a member of International Trademark Association (¡°INTA¡±) and a member of the Technical Committee of Shanghai Trademark Association.
    Zhiming currently has 16 trademark agents and eight of them are qualified lawyers, they graduated from prestigious domestic and overseas Universities majoring in law and intellectual property, they have solid legal knowledge and vest experience on administration and litigation. Majority of our lawyers have been working for domestic judicial and arbitration institutions, and reputable US law firms. The agents are fluent in English, German, and Japanese and familiar with the rules and application process of international intellectual property organization in Madrid, EU and Africa.
    The agents in our Domestic Affairs Department are proficient in Chinese trademark law and other change of trademark, trademark transfer, filing/licensing, defend to the objection, and answer to the review and trademark dispute.
    Zhiming¡¯s International Affairs Department has several experienced agents who are familiar with the trademark laws and application process in different countries, additionally, they are fluent in the languages of those countries. Recently, they have established cooperative relationships with over 180 countries, regions as well as more than 300 law firms. Our agents have handled trademark applications in over 130 countries and regions involving the United States, England, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, South Africa, Africa, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan etc., they have also acted as agent for trademark objections, defend, appeal, answers to appeal in more than 50 countries including the United States, Spain, South Korea, Japan, Serbia, and Sweden.
    Meanwhile, Zhiming has established extensive contacts and cooperative relationships with International Trademark Association (¡°INTA¡±), World Intellectual Property Organization (¡°WIPO¡±), European Internal Market Coordinate Bureau, and African Intellectual Property Organization (¡°OAPI¡±), and therefore acted as agent for Madrid international trademark registration (all member states), European Union trademark registration, and registration in African Intellectual Property Organization (¡°OAPI¡±).
    All Zhiming¡¯s intellectual property lawyers graduated from prestigious domestic and overseas universities, where they received regular higher education and legal training; therefore they possess solid legal knowledge and vast legal practice experience. In addition, because of their previous work experience in judicial sectors and arbitration bodies, they are familiar with the litigation on patent, trademark, copyright (including software), domain name, unfair competition (including infringement of trade secret) and trademark protection strategy planning, trademark registration, trademark protection, trademark management, and anti-unfair competition. Because we are capable of acting as agent for above services, this model provided our customers with a series of legal services ranging from initial trademark application to litigation, which safeguards the rights of our customers, as a result, we have received favorable comment from the customers. In protecting the interests of the customers, Zhiming believes that ¡°prevention is first priority, litigation is last resort.¡±
    Zhiming has always embraced the service philosophy of ¡°thoroughness and integrity,¡± as a result; it provides high quality services for the customers by utilizing its legal expertise. Zhiming is becoming one of the largest diversified professional firms in Shanghai, providing services on trademark registration, change of trademark, trademark transfer, objection/defend, review/answer, intellectual property infringement, and anti-unfair competition.